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A Record Breaking $15,000 Steak Was Grilled At Billy Bob's

The 2016 Steak Cook-Off Association International Steak Championship is in the books.  95 teams filled the pavilion outside Billy Bob's with smoke and the fabulous smell of grilled steak. The Steak Cook-off Association (SCA) in it's 3rd year hit a high note in Fort Worth.  With sponsors like Kingsford, Pelican Coolers, PK Grills and Omaha [...]

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GrillGrate To Celebrate 10 years Of Business In A Grand Style!

#GrillGrateful October 10th 2016 We're in the final 2 weeks of our 10 weeks of giveaways to celebrate GrillGrate's 10 years in business. As our 10 year anniversary loomed my first thought was to throw a party, then it turned into an event in the Bahamas with Meathead as the star guest! Then we decided give away a [...]

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5 Tools That Will Improve Your Camp Grilling Experience

5 Tools That Will Improve Your Camp Grilling Experience As summer enters full swing, campers, RV’ers, rockclimbers and adventurers leave the homefront and go toe-to-toe with the great outdoors. Hunting big game across the lush woodlands of Montana, river-boating through Florida’s moonlit swamps, or just enjoying toasted marshmallows with the family; this is the time of [...]

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How to Build a DIY Camp Grill on the Go

Learn how to build your own camp grill from scratch and have the ability to Grill Grate Everywhere!It’s always a problem. You only own one grill but love to camp, hike, and fish. While your trusty Weber always gets the job done at home, it means tender chicken breasts, seared steaks, and fire-roasted hamburgers are [...]

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Spring Cleaning My Weber Genesis Grill And GrillGrates

It's Spring and that means spring cleaning. For me that starts with my grills and particularly my gas grill. It has been a workhorse for me for a full year. I bought the Weber Genesis E310 last April and grilled literally 50 weeks a year 4-5 times a week. That equals 200 – 250 grillings [...]

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The Recipe for Stress Free Holiday Grilling: Equal Parts Technology and Technique

For years, I felt pressure during the holidays when I was charged with grilling large (and expensive) cuts of meat. How long would it take? How will I avoid under cooking or over cooking it? What if the meat is finished early? Or worse if I keep everyone waiting for the meat [...]

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My First Steak Cookoff was Darn Near Perfect!

I lef the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ on Friday evening and drove 5 hours to Magnolia Arkansas for The 24th Annual Magnolia Blossom Festival and the 23rd annual World Championship Steak Cook-off.  It was my first steak cook-off, and my first visit to Magnolia Arkansas.  Population 11,000 of the nicest people.  I drove there [...]

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Replacing Old BBQ Grates with GrillGrates

Five 18.5" GrillGrates fit my Charbroil perfectly.This is a long over due message and a story about letting your customers show you the way. When we introduced GrillGrate in 2008 they were designed to lay on top of the old surface to form a new one; much like resurfacing a road. We knew GrillGrate was [...]

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GrillGrates Dominate World Championship Steak Cook-Off in Magnolia, AR

  Four of the five money winners in the hotly contested World Championship Steak Cook-off® grilled on GrillGrates, the award winning new grilling surface.   WTF Team 2012 World Championship $4000 First PlaceThe 23rd annual competition saw 78 teams competing for the $4000 grand prize and money was paid through fifth place. The [...]

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