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Ouch, I Stuck the Hamburgers on My GrillGrates Bad!

I am trying to better utilize the GrillGrate Blog and make this a place to find more detailed information, ask questions, and join discussions about using all things GrillGrate! In addition to Grate recipes and other news from time to time I want to share stories and I hope you will too. [...]

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Love People. Cook them tasty food.

If ever there was a mantra to live by! I got that bumper sticker and a whole lot more when my wife and I visited Penzey's Spices manufacturing facility outside Milwaukee, WI last week. We went there to meet a GrillGrate customer, and wound up meeting a great company- a real American [...]

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I've been challenged getting the latest recipe winners announced because I've been pressed to get the recipes posted on our website. So I figure while I am holed up in a hotel room in Tulsa-its no dinner until I at least get the announcement out and contact our grate winners!Some really great recipes were [...]

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Sear Marks. It's A Matter of Taste & Style!

Dial In the Sear on Those Steaks!  Great grill marks aka sear marks are a treat for the eyes as well as the pallet.  First feast your eyes and then your taste buds.  Dial in your sear marks from golden brown (not charred) to dark crunchy black- all the way to Pittsburgh Style.  With GrillGrates [...]

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Share Your Holiday Grilling Plans & Pics!

Up Load Photos to Holiday Grilling Album I'm already excited about our holiday grilling plans! We get to spend over a week together as a family and the meal planning has been underway for quite a while. After yesterday's Costco trip, it looks like the grill will be active every day! No [...]

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Super Bowl Game Day Grilling

For me game time grilling is out of the question and halftime is too!  Nobody wants to be at the grill unless a TV is nearby.  Pre-game grilling is where it's at for this big game day. An early evening kickoff makes an afternoon appetizer party a great way to nosh, nibble and 'pre-game' [...]

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Meet Fourie Jordaan- Recently Named New Zealand's Best Griller!

Fourie has been a grate customer for several years and we communicate regularly about his adventures.                                                                                [...]

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