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We Want YOU in the Next GrillGrate TV Commercial

Grab some grate video and win grate gifts! Nothing fancy or produced, just YOU telling us what you love about GrillGrates, your favorite food, a tip, what you won??? (That means YOU our steak champion friends!)Simple Rules: Just video of YOU at YOUR GRILL with GrillGrates! Show us Your GrateTool!  etc. [...]

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3 Easy Ways to Grill Your Thanksgiving Turkey

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }This year take the turkey out of the kitchen and outside to the grill where it belongs!  Break the tradition of roasting your turkey in the oven and enjoy the camaraderie and flexibility of cooking your turkey on the grill. Freeing up your oven leaves more options for sides and [...]

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Winter Grilling Set Up-

I winterized our deck!  I reconfigured the grills, bringing the Yoder Pellet Smoker front and center figuring its going to see more action this winter and the Kamado Joe likely will see less.   I rolled the Joe to the back of the porch content to have quick access out the kitchen door.  It only took [...]

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Holiday Grilling Tips & Survey

We are already in full planning mode for our holiday menus, especially the big feasts.  I'm a big believer in preparation and  logistics.  With that in mind here are a few simple tips to utilize your grill(s) and your griller for great holiday meals!Holiday Grilling Tips from Chef MichaelUse multiple grills to stage various parts [...]

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Three Ways to Grill Prime Rib for the Holidays

 P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { }Three Ways to Grill Prime Rib for the HolidaysPrime Rib (standing rib roast) is a traditional Christmas feast that I've enjoyed most of my life. Every Christmas Eve, my stepmother (who is British) made a Prime Rib in the oven with roasted potatoes, au jus, and yorkshire pudding. [...]

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Two Original Grilled Desserts to Wow Your Sweetheart & A Valentine's Day Photo Contest for our Grate Customers.

Valentine's Day 2014 While many people will brave the crowds and eat out at their favorite restaurant on Valentines Day many couples will be staying home cooking their favorite dinner for 2 together.  I would venture to guess that grillers especially GrillGrate owners are more likely to be staying home for Valentine's day and grilling [...]

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Winter Grilling Keeps The World Warm!

A while back we were approached by one of our dealers in Europe, Haupert Klaus-Dieter, about sending some of our GrillGrates over for an upcoming grilling competition. We gladly obliged and sent them twelve round GrillGrate kits and banners. These grates were to be distributed to the teams that were competing and to be used on various [...]

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The Grate Shadow Of Winter Is Lifting!

To hell with the groundhog! GrillGrates are casting a shadow on my grill and that tells me spring is almost here. Warmer weather and longer days means we can cook outdoors once again. Time to dig out, clean up and tune up your grill!Spring is the perfect time to give your grill some attention. A [...]

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GRATE Times at the National Barbecue Association Annual Conference

The NBBQA holds a special place in my life and our business. We met Mike Mills in a dusty parking lot in Douglas GA in October 2008. He encouraged us to join the NBBQA and come to their conference in 2009 and we've gone every year since. The NBBQA is the heart and [...]

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