The Grill Anywhere Grillmaster Bundle- $12 savings!


The Grill Anywhere Grillmaster Bundle- $12 savings!

The Grill Anywhere Grillmaster Bundle- $12 savings!



The Grate Accessory Pack (GrateTongs, Scraper and Grate Valley Brush)

Temp & Time Instant Read Thermometer

The Grate Scrubbie Cleaning Brush


From the Sear’NSizzle® line, the GrillGrate Grill Anywhere Grillmaster Bundle features one 7.5” diameter Grill Anywhere GrillGrate, one 8.75” Grill Anywhere GrillGrate, the ComboTong, Duck Fat Spray, and Boars Night Out White Lightning Seasoning.

Our 7.5” grate will fit almost any countertop air fryer, turning it into a cooking surface capable of producing grilled flavors equal to your best outdoor cooks. The 8.75” grate fits most skillets, pans, larger air fryers, and even camp stoves. Both grates are made of hard anodized aluminum, which conducts cold the same as it conducts heat. Since they’re reversible, you can flip one grate over and use it as a defrost plate while preheating your other grate for high heat cooking. How do they work? Raised rails deliver high heat searing and efficiently transfer that heat into the food you’re cooking. The valleys vaporize natural juices, adding moisture and grilled flavor back into anything you cook. From your air fryer to your skillet or camp stove, you can use GrillGrates to transform almost any cooking surface into a grill.

With the ComboTong, you have a fork, spatula, and tong all in one for easy lifting and flipping. Duck Fat Spray is every grillmaster’s secret weapon. Use it for seasoning your grates, creating a nonstick GrillGrate surface, cooking at high temps, and adding flavor to your cooks. And finally, Boars Night Out White Lightning is an award-winning gourmet blend of seasoning that makes everything taste better.


  • Juicier, more flavorful food
  • Amplified heat
  • Never rusts
  • Even cooking
  • Beautiful sear marks every time
  • Reversible for griddle or defrost plate


  • In your air fryer: For best results, preheat the grate inside air fryer on the rack (if one exists) for 10-15 minutes prior to adding food.
  • In your camp stove: Place grate directly on top of stove/flame on the LOWEST setting and slowly increase temperature.
    • CAUTION: On camp stoves, the grate will run at 450F+ degrees on the lowest stove setting. We do not recommend grilling at the highest setting as your grate will be at 800F+.
  • On your skillet: Simply place the grate in a skillet or pan and preheat before placing food on the grate.
    • CAUTION: Avoid use in nonstick, coated pans (High heat can damage the nonstick coating).
  • Cleaning:  Soak grates in mild dish soap such as Dawn and use a scrubbie or steel wool to remove debris and grease. The grate cleans easily and will develop enhanced non-stick properties with each use.
    • CAUTION: Do not dishwash
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Shipping & Returns


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