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With GrillGrates, the possibilities are endless.

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Rack of Lamb, Precision Seared

Flat side or rail side, dial in a perfect sear every time.

All GrillGrate Techniques

Grate Smash Burgers

Flip your GrillGrates and get smashed!

Two-Zone Grilling

Separate your GrillGrates for two distinct heat zones!

Grate Grilled Corn

Slathered, Seasoned and Rolled!

Bacon Wrapped Anything

You name it, you can wrap it AND…

Grilled and Griddled Cheese

Never cook a grilled cheese indoors again

How To Grill Wagyu

Yes! You can grill Wagyu without worrying!

Use The Flip Side for Flat-Top Grilling

And get the best sear and sizzle!

The GrateTool Kickstand

Get that all over sear with help from…

Kiss Of Smoke with Pellets in the Valleys

Just a sprinkle of wood pellets packs big…

Rack of Lamb, Precision Seared

Flat side or rail side, dial in a…

Reverse Sear for Thick Steaks and Roasts

Incredible temperature control when you need it most!

Ruth’s Chris Kiss Technique

Flip burgers from the rails to the backside…

Use The Valleys as a Flavor System

Juices sizzle back up to the food where…

Grill Fish Flesh Side Down

Be bold and get killer sear marks on…

Ribs on a Gas Grill

You can make excellent ribs on a gas…

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