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Grate Grilling Techniques

GrillGrates are reversible interlocking panels which creates two grill surfaces in one. Because of their versatility, the possibilities for what you can grill on
them, and how you can grill on them is practically endless! We’ve curated some of the best techniques below. Check them out and be sure to share if you’ve come up with a Grate Technique of your own!
Bacon Wrapped Everything

Bacon Wrapped Anything

You name it, you can wrap it AND Grill it

Grate Smash Burgers

Grate Smash Burgers

Flip your GrillGrates and get smashed!

Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb, Precision Seared

Flat side or rail side, dial in a perfect sear every time.

Two Zone Setup

Two-Zone Grilling

Separate your GrillGrates for two distinct heat zones!

Flesh down fish

Grill Fish Flesh Side Down

Be bold and get killer sear marks on fish!

Flesh down fish

Grilled and Griddled Cheese

Never cook a grilled cheese indoors again

Flip Side

Use The Flip Side for Flat-Top Grilling

And get the best sear and sizzle!

Flavor System

Use The Valleys as a Flavor System

Juices sizzle back up to the food where they belong!

Reverse Sear for Thick Steaks and Roasts

Incredible temperature control when you need it most!

How to grill Wagyu

How To Grill Wagyu

Yes! You can grill Wagyu without worrying!

Ribs on a Gas Grill

Ribs on a Gas Grill

You can make excellent ribs on a gas grill!

Grilled Corn

Grate Grilled Corn

Slathered, Seasoned and Rolled!

Modified Burger Technique

Modified Burger Technique

Flip burgers from the rails to the backside for incredible crust!

The GrateTool Kickstand

The GrateTool Kickstand

Get that all over sear with help from the GrateTool

Kiss of smoke

Kiss Of Smoke with Pellets in the Valleys

Just a sprinkle of wood pellets packs big flavor!

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No Flare Ups

GrillGrates prevent flames from burning, charring, and drying out food

GrillGrates even heat

Hard anodized aluminum heats food evenly. No more hot spots or cold spots

GrillGrates produce juicier meats

Moisture vaporizes on the GrillGrate, surrounding food in flavorful steam

Drippings sizzle in the valleys

Drippings sizzle in the valleys and back onto the food as more flavor

GrillGrates deliver perfect sear marks

Heat is concentrated up the raised rails leaving beautiful sear marks

GrillGrates are a reversible cooking system for your grill

Use GrillGrates rails up for traditional grilling or flip them over for a flat top surface

PT-75 Temp & Time
Grate Tongs


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