GrillGrate Bundle for the June Oven


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Product Description

Everything you need to get grillin’ in your June Oven!

GrillGrates deliver outdoor grilling magic in your June Oven. GrillGrates conduct heat very efficiently, literally running heat up the rails into your food. That unmistakeable grilled flavor comes from a combination of high heat searing and vaporizing juices that coat the food.


  • 11″ GrillGrate 3 Panel Set
    • 15.375″ wide
    • Made of hard anodized aluminum
    • Fits perfectly in the June Oven
    • Includes short handled GrateTool
  • 15″ Griddle
    • GrateGriddle is more conductive and radiates heat better than a stone or baking steel
    • The GrateGriddle doubles as a defrost plate
    • Cook anything on the griddle from bacon and eggs to burgers, and more!
  • Grate Tongs
  • Scrubbie Cleaning Brush
  • Meat Temperature Magnet
  • Grill Wipes

Setup Basics:

  • Use GrillGrates on top of the June Oven wire shelf, position in the center
  • Use Broil setting, food is grilled both from the top and from below the GrillGrates – an ideal way to grill steaks, chops, chicken, and more
  • Flip GrillGrates over to grill smashburgers, scallops, and stir fry
  • Use canola oil, Duck Fat Spray, or Grate Wipes to season for the first few uses

Care & Cleaning Basics:

  • Do not clean GrillGrates or GrateGriddle in the dishwasher, dishwasher detergent is caustic and will pit aluminum cookware
  • Soak GrillGrates or GrateGriddle in mild dish soap such as Dawn
  • Use scrubbie or steel wool to remove debris and grease
  • The GrillGrates or GrateGriddle cleans easily and will develop enhanced non-stick properties with use


  • Weight: 142.2 oz
  • Width: 22 in
  • Depth: 6 in
  • Height: 10 in

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