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About Beto

Beto Santoyo is a backyard bbq enthusiast and SCA steak competitor from Chicago, IL. His instagram is a repository for not only delicious recipes but beautiful food photography he cooks himself. Beto has been using GrillGrates since 2016 when he outfitted his old 2007 Weber Genesis and brought new life to his grill. Since then, he has outfitted all his grills including his Kamado Joe & Camp Chef pellet grill with GrillGrates. In 2019 his team won 5th Place at World Food Championships in the steak category using those same GrillGrates.

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Recipes by BBQ BBOY

Tequila Lime Chicken

What could be better than tequila? Tequila lime chicken grilled up on GrillGrates! We love this recipe from BBQ BBOY for it's fresh, summer flavors.

Korean Short Ribs

Our friend BBQ BBOY shows us how to make incredible Korean short ribs.

Videos with BBQ BBOY