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Healthy Grilling

Veggies are the new meat! GrillGrates make it possible to effortlessly grill any type of vegetable, producing gorgeous sear marks and reducing char.

Grilling seafood is no longer a challenge! No more sticking, breaking, or using foil or other gadgets. GrillGrates perfectly grill any seafood.

The grill is not just for red meat. GrillGrates makes it easy to grill chicken, seafood, & other lean meats. Fill the rest of the grill with veggies for a complete, grilled meal.

You don't have to be a carnivore to grill anymore!

Reduces Fat
With GrillGrate's three-dimensional design, there are no butter or sauces required for flavorful meats. Juices and drippings fall into the hot valleys where they sizzle and vaporize into flavor and retain moisture. The valleys of GrillGrates are a flavor enhancing system.

Minimizes Char
Eliminating flare-ups is the best way to control char and gain control of the grill. Reducing char helps reduce carcinogens when grilling. The three-dimensional design of our GrillGrates does just that. The underside and hole pattern of GrillGrates blocks flare-ups from engulfing food, preventing charring.

Improves Flavor
In addition to using your food's natural juices for flavor, savory herbs such as rosemary, paprika, garlic, sage, black pepper, and more provide a healthy boost of antioxidants to your meats and vegetables while also adding flavor.

Increases Variety
Grill more kinds of vegetables, no butter or calorie-rich sauces required. Sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, and squash caramelize at grill temps, letting the natural sugars deliver the best and tastiest flavor. Grill peppers, onions, zucchini, with just a touch of olive oil and pepper. Enjoy all that antioxidant power working to improve your health.

No Pots to Clean
Nuff said!

Healthier Meal Planning • Saves Time • Saves Money • Consistent & Flavorful
Take your weekly meal planning to the grill. Meal planning saves time and makes it easier to stick to a healthy diet. Meal planning on GrillGrates reduces setup and cleanup times while bringing a wider variety of food that can be grilled!

For a deeper dive into batch grilling and meal prep check out our BLOG POST.


Healthy means different things for different folks. Whether you're a vegetarian, carnivore, pescetarian, or trying out a keto, paleo, or other diet, you can grill everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in 2019. Here are some recipes to kick start your new year!

Learn all you need to know about getting started with healthy grilling with our videos, recipes, and articles.

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