GrillGrate’s Top Tips, Techniques, and Recipes

March 25, 2021

Spring has sprung! In honor of our favorite time of year we’ve pulled together our most popular pieces of content for your viewing pleasure.


You’d never smash a burger on regular grill grates.

  1. The Smash Burgers On the Flat Side Technique: This may be one of our most favorite ways (besides grilling bacon) to use the flat side of our GrillGrates. Smash burgers are all the rage and GrillGrates let’s you do the unthinkable – make them on your GRILL. View the technique here.


Now you can get sear marks from your air fryer!

2. Ahi Tuna…In an AIR FRYER? You better believe it. Sear up a gorgeous tuna steak in your instant pot or air fryer with this recipe and the Sear’NSizzle™ GrillGrate.


The crispiest crust you’ve ever had!

3. Grilled Pizza: You can grill that on GrillGrates! Leave the delivery guy alone and fire up the grill. Make your own with Urban Slicer Outdoor Grilling Pizza Dough at home or use pre-made. Either way, it’s always better when grilled.


Don’t let the lack of a smoker keep you from smoking ribs…on your gasser!

4. Ribs…ON A GAS GRILL. Both the recipe and the how-to video are among are top visited pages. See what all the buzz is about for yourself.


Tame the flame so you’re searing and not charring those steaks!

5. Sear a great steak on GrillGrates. Check out this recipe for Ribeye steaks seared, not charred. Want to learn even more about grilling the perfect steak? Check out our blog on grilling like a pro!


Fill the grill and feed a crowd!

6. One of favorite things to cook up on GrillGrates are chicken wings. GrillGrate Guest Chef and YouTuber Dave Delaney grilled up smokey chicken wings 4 ways and we loved it so much we had to give him his own blog for the occasion.


Juicy, tender lamb cooked on GrillGrates.

7. With Easter right around the corner, many of you have been looking for a good day to make lamb. This recipe for Grilled Boneless Leg of Lamb Roast – Reverse Seared is perfect to impress your guests.


Fish on the grill? Gasp! You can grill this on GrillGrates.

8. Fish on the grill? Normally, you better have a basket or aluminum foil handy. Not so with GrillGrates! We recommend this technique with fishgrill it flesh side down for a sensational sear. You can even pour messy marinades directly on your grates without fear of flareups or sticking!


Probably the best breakfast you’ll ever have – bacon and eggs on GrillGrates!

9. Is there anything better than bacon and eggs for breakfast? How about bacon and eggs on the flat side of your GrillGrates??? It’s not an illusion, if you get your grates hot enough, the eggs won’t run through. Trust us on this one – Brad is a pro! View the recipe here. Worried about risking a breakfast debacle? You can always play it safe and just get the GrillGrate Griddle.


Remember you only need a good deep clean once in a while!

10. Lastly – after making all this great food you’re going to need to know how to Deep Clean Your GrillGrates. Check out the video here. And when you’re done, make sure you head over to our cleaning products and get stocked up!


GrillGrate. Eat Well.