GrillGrates For

Weber Grills

Bring new life (and flavor!) back to your Weber grill with GrillGrates. Our interlocking panels are all you need to make your old grill better than new. Rust proof and reversible, a set of GrillGrates not only offers two grill surfaces in one, but also lasts forever, evens out hot and cold spots, and levels up your grilling game immediately.

There’s a GrillGrate for your Weber grill – no matter the shape, size or fuel type! Find your size below:

GrillGrates For Gas

These reversible interlocking panels replace the existing grates on your gas grill, and immediately kick your cooking up a notch.

GrillGrates For Charcoal

GrillGrates act as a flame shield, so you can finally do direct grilling at higher temperatures without fear of flames or charring.

GrillGrates For Pellet Smokers

GrillGrates turn your pellet grill into the most versatile outdoor grill. Secret sauce: no need for two grills for a reverse sear; do it all in one with a sear station on your pellet grill!

GrillGrates For Electric

We know that electric grills tend to struggle more when it comes to reaching and maintaining high temperatures, and their performance can depend on the weather. For both of these + a million other reasons, your electric grill needs GrillGrates!

GrillGrates For On-the-go

The non-stick, hard anodized surface of GrillGrates promotes even heat and sizzling, juicy food no matter where you are.


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