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Damon and Lu Holter

About Damon and Lu

Damon and Lu own and operate Croix Valley Foods, a company that manufactures a line of award-winning sauces, dry rubs, and Bloody Mary products. They are also BBQ and grilling experts and together form the competition cooking team, Croix Valley Sauces. They travel the country and have won numerous awards and accolades in hundreds of events and professional competitions, including Kansas City Barbecue Society competitions, Steak Cookoff Association contests, Culinary Fight Club events, the World Food Championships and others.

They regularly appear on cooking and grilling segments on location television newscasts and provide culinary content for National publications. They have been featured on Travel Channel’s “American Grilled”, Food Network’s “Guys Grocery Games”, Food Network’s “Family Food Showdown”, and Outside Television Network’s “Fired Up Food”.

They are also both avid outdoorsmen and enjoy fishing, kayaking, and camping.

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Recipes by Damon and Lu Holter

Red Ale Smash Burger

A true delight for the taste buds rests with this amazing blended burger that’s not only big enough to satisfy hunger pains, but is packed with perfectly paired flavors and textures to elevate your backyard burger game.

Croix Valley Spicy Reuben-Stuffed Ribeyes

Looking to bend the rules a little and up the "steaks"?  This killer recipe for Spicy Reuben-Stuffed Ribeyes may be just the answer!  Ribeye steak, marinated and rubbed, stuffed with Corned Beef, Sauerkraut and 1000 Island and grilled the way you like it is sure to please any time you fire up the grill!

Videos with Damon and Lu Holter